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February 08, 2008


Suzanne Sakai

From a reader in Vermont--

The New Yorker really screwed up! How could they NOT publish "Donald Rumsfield Hit by Cupid's Arrow" or "Scarsdale Nursery School News"? The only person in Shouts & Murmurs lately who makes me laugh like this would be Yoni Brenner. As a working-at-home freelancer mom, Kiersten's writings spoke to me more, though--and the New Yorker desperately needs a fresh female voice like this!

I don't even think Bruce McCall is funny anymore. (Am I allowed to say that?) There are at least 5 essays posted on this blog that are A LOT funnier than McCall's "Pollster Reports Nightmare," posted in the Aug. 11, 08 New Yorker. (Yes, I did say "posted"--a little passive-aggressive dig at McCall on my part, I admit....)

We can only imagine what she would have had to say about Sarah Palin, her twin, Tina Fey, and all the rest! It must be really hard to get through this election cycle without her.

When I read the last posting on this blog, I cried my eyes out over a stranger. I had read some of the postings, but mostly I had been reading the funny essays. Somehow I just had to believe she would make it--make it into the New Yorker and beat the cancer, too.....

Well, she may not have made it into the New Yorker, but she certainly did make her way into our hearts! And she's STILL making us laugh--near and far.....

Suzanne Sakai


I had been a reader of Kierstens' blog, but lost the site address when I switched computers. I often wondered how she was doing and hoped she was well. It was by pure chance today that I heard of her passing.
I am so sorry for you and your daughters loss.


Thinking of you a lot today on your birthday. Love you and miss you lots.
Love, Mel

Janice Chen

Thinking of Kiersten this Christmakah. I worked with her a million years ago but got to know her all over again through her blog a few days after she had passed away. Sending good thoughts to Adam and Kylie and hoping they are doing well.

doreen bacotti

Dear Adam,
Remembering Kiersten and hoping that you and Kylie are doing well.

Wendy Nauman

Nothing is the same without you. Missing you deeply.

Melissa Ohara

I can't believe you've been gone a year. I've wanted to email you a million times when I see something funny that I know you'd appreciate. Thinking of you everyday and missing you lots.

Jenn C.

Ohmygod. I am so so so sorry. I found her blog just now when I was reading about her attempts to get published in the New Yorker in 2004, and went to see if she had gotten it, when I found your link about her battle with cancer. I lost my husband to cancer when he was also very young. I am so sorry for your loss. I just can't even express it.
:( God bless you.

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I came upon Kiersten's blog by chance, and I am so deeply sorry for your loss. Your beautiful tribute made me cry. My best to you and Kylie.

Steven A

Thinking of Kiersten the last few weeks.

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