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One-Line Bio

I'm a freelance writer living in Westchester, New York, with my husband and daughter.


Currently, I am a mother, cancer patient, and writer, probably in that order. I married my husband, Adam, in 1999.

My book, The Whole Internet: The Next Generation, was published the same year. It's currently available at for 43 cents. I worked as an editor and writer at Portable Computing and Computer Shopper magazines, but I'm also a film critic and humor writer. Links to my reviews from, the Boston Phoenix, and other publications may be found at

My daughter, Kylie, was born in 2001. The cancer was diagnosed when she was nine months old, in 2002. It recurred over the summer of 2004. I completed nine months of chemotherapy in April of 2005, and continued to receive weekly intravenous drug treatments.

Three days before Christmas, we found a new metastasis in my left eye. I completed whole-brain radiation at the end of January, losing my hair for the third time.

I might not have cancer anymore, but it seems unlikely.

We live in Westchester and have two dogs, Mugsy and Jezebel, whom I wrote about a lot more before Kylie was born. Kylie and Adam are the reasons that I'm here.